Meet The Cast & Crew

Know the cast & crew behind Darya Kay Iss Paar.

STARRING - Hibba Aziz

DIRECTOR - Shoaib Sultan

PRODUCER - Nighat Akbar Shah

Darya kay iss paar

The story of a young girl

Darya Kay Iss Paar” (At this side of the river) is the story of a young girl named “Gull Zareen” located somewhere in the Northern areas of Pakistan.

The story revolves around the life of Gull Zareen who has nothing but alienation in her life. The aloofness in the air of the mountainous area is adding more depression in her life.

There is a gradual increase in her mental stress starting from school life to the married life. No one is ready to bother about her feelings and thoughts. Rigid social values and norms further add fuel to the fire. Resultantly, the increasing mental stress compels her to commit suicide.

The story depicts the stereotypical behavior of the society towards the mental illness. Certainly, it is a roller-coaster ride of strong emotions inspired from real events where the story can force a viewer to, at least, think about the issue.