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About The Film

Inspired by true events, “Darya Kay Iss Paar” (This Bank of The River) is a film about Gull Zareen, a young girl in a village in Northern Pakistan who chooses to end her life due to depression, a growing sense of isolation.

The film, produced by US-based producer Nighat Akbar Shah about her native village, is a sad commentary about the alarming rise of suicides in Pakistan in the face of rigid social norms and taboos.

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Starring Roles

Meet the actors in starring roles for Darya Kay Iss Paar, the most anticipated movie of the year.

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Hear what film critiques and viewers alike have to say about Darya Kay Iss Paar

Misbah Khan
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“About absolute time this issue was brought to the forefront of society. I have been seeking to work in this area for the last 4 years, and you cannot believe how happy I am to see this being created into a film. Stories have always connected humans with happy or sad stories.”
Zubaida Khanum
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“Great message hatts off to the director and actors for their hardwork and their courage to highlight such issue..”
Durden Slays
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“Have been hearing a lot of cases of suicide in the northern areas since last year and only got to know the effect the environment is having on the young children there, so happy to see work being done to highlight this issue”

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