Gunjal’s Trailer Promises a Riveting Tale of Truth and Justice

Gunjal’s Trailer Promises a Riveting Tale of Truth and Justice


A spine-chilling narrative, Gunjal is an attempt to shed light on the oppression and brutality of society through the lens of the deceased journalist Shahbaz Bhatti.

Following the release of the trailer for the upcoming film Gunjal, an excited fanbase of both Ahmed Ali Akbar and Pakistani cinema fanatics resurrected, sensing something exceptional brewing around the block.

On the surface, Gunjal’s trailer promises a hard-hitting ride, a serious watch that is bound to make you uncomfortable at places, making you question the norms of society, while simultaneously making you wonder how many buried stories of oppression need a voice to be told.

Based on true events, Gunjal is an attempt towards narrating the life of journalist Shahbaz Bhatti as he investigates the murder of child activist Irfan Masih in 1990s Pakistan. Directed by Shoaib Sultan and produced by Nighat Akbar Shah, Gunjal explores themes of human rights, justice, and hope.

Trailer Release

The fast-paced trailer of Gunjal opens with Ahmed Ali Akbar, who is essaying the character of Shahbaz, in a new avatar. In search of a job, Shahbaz goes on a quest to uncover the true story behind the murder of Irfan Masih amidst the several conspiracies he is surrounded with.

Without giving much away, the changing frames of the trailer keep you hooked, as we see a glimpse of different characters that are part of the narrative.

“I feel suffocated, burning inside. Whom should I listen to. Who is telling the truth.”

From the looks of the trailer, our guesses are that the story will build on flashbacks i.e., Shahbaz investigating the murder of Irfan Masih and the events that lead to it. The trailer successfully hooked the audience. At one point it keeps you engrossed with Shahbaz and his attempt to uncover a murder case. The scene with fire seemed a metaphorical representation of Shahbaz’s inner turmoil and the suffering he is inflicted with in search of truth.

On the other hand, the scene of Irfan Masih brings a sense of hope and optimism, seeing young blood fight for the rights of education.

A production of Nighat Shah under Adur Productions, Gunjal is directed by Shoaib Sultan and is written by Nirmal Bano and Ali Kazmi.

The Spellbinding Cast

The protagonist of the film needs no introduction. Ahmed Ali Akbar, with his choice of projects over the years, has carved his own niche, who has confidence in the project that he decides to take on. His new avatar looks nothing but promising.

We also see Amna Ilyas in the trailer, who seems to have molded entirely in the character she is playing. Her body language and her styling adds up to her performance and we are excited to see what she has in store for us.

Ahmed Ali Butt is also playing a rather shady character, from the looks of it. Which he seems to have molded himself into completely.

Resham is also part of the film. Her character asks Shahbaz to uncover the truth in one scene and in the other we see her receiving a briefcase, making her character look suspicious, which further builds the intrigue.

The rest of the cast includes Syed Muhammad Ali, Sarmed Aftab Jadraan, Razia Malik, Sardar Nabeel, Ali Aftab Saeed, Arham Khan, Ebtisam Mustafa, Habiba Sufyan, Ahsen Murad, Munir Khan, and Usman Zia.

The film will be released on 8th December 2023. What’s your take on the teaser?


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