Inspired by real events A compelling crime drama with a fantastic cast is what the new ‘Gunjal’ trailer reveals.

Gunjal Ready to Tell Iqbal Masih’s Harrowing StoryGunjal’s trailer is out and oh boy it’s a tantalising glimpse into a gripping crime drama based on true events.

The film is based on the story of journalist Shahbaz Bhatt on his journey to uncover the truth behind the murder of child activist Irfan Masih.

The film is directed by Shoaib Sultan and produced by Nighat Akbar Shah and is a production of Adur Productions and Eveready Pictures.

Starring Ahmed Ali Akbar in the lead, the film is set to release on 8th December.

“In a whirlwind of sentiments, we’re bringing you an emotional journey- GUNJAL (Entangled) which is based on true events that follow journalist Shahbaz Bhatti’s journey as he investigates the murder of child activist Irfan Masih, who bravely fought against the practice of child labor in 1990s Pakistan,” the film’s synopsis reads.

Alongside Ahmed Ali Akbar, the film features a stellar cast including Resham, Amna Ilyas, Syed Muhammad Ali, Sarmed Aftab Jadraan, Razia Malik, Sardar Nabeel, Ali Aftab Saeed, Arham Khan, Ebtisam Mustafa, Habiba Sufyan, Ahsen Murad, Munir Khan, Usman Zia, and Ahmed Ali Butt.

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